Boulder 508 Phono – Review bei „Positive Feedback“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in Phono, Verstärker

Soeben bespricht Gregory Petan in Ausgabe 101 des Online-Magazins „Positive Feedback“ die neue Phonovorstufe 508 von Boulder.

Ein Fazit zieht er hiermit:

„The 508 takes no time at all to demonstrate its strengths, showing little, if any, ambiguity. There is a clarity to the sound that illuminates all dimensions within any given recording. There seems to be nowhere for information to hide. No shadowy corners, no dim colorations altering timbre or limiting dynamics. At the very least, these qualities are balanced so well that finding limitations that may be revealed by reference grade phono stages very difficult to detect without a direct comparison. This balance frees the listener to explore a recording at will.“

Die gesamte Besprechung finden Sie hier.

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