Boulder 1110 & 1160 – Review bei „Hi-Fi+“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in High-End, Verstärker

Auch im neuen Heft von „Hi-Fi+“ (September 2018, Issue 163) gibt es eine Besprechung der Kombination Boulder 1110 und 1160. Eric Neff faßt seine Eindrücke so zusammen:

„I have had the opportunity to review Boulder gear in the past (The 865 Integrated in issue 144) and it was a wonderful experience. The 865 is one of the two or three best integrated I have ever used. I had very high expectations for this new launch of the 1100 series and frankly my expectations were exceeded. When a manufacturer builds to such a high-quality level that it takes over a decade to surpass their previous versions that says volumes about what an audio consumer can expect when the gear gets home. Boulder Amplifiers’ ability to manufacture everything in their factory provides the highest level of quality control.

Thirty-four years of engineering focus has given Boulder time to learn more efficient and effective ways to construct its gear, with build quality that routinely functions for a decade plus of set-it-and-forget-it life spans, better heat dissipation, plus ARM Chip inclusion for web capabilities as well as advanced power management and circuit protection. I have not found any area that has not been considered for improvement. And, the music! Absolutely musical! I could not detect any colour being inserted by the Boulder siblings. They did not offer a warm, cool, or shaded tonal signature. Everything was by the book, whatever was the disc, LP, or streaming bits. That is what I want from a solid state, state of the art system.

Boulder Amplifiers‘ new 1100 series will stand tall next to its bigger brethren. That topographic map is there for a reason; this climbs to new heights.“

Die Preise für Bouldergeräte sind ohnehin nichts für Zartbesaitete und der Wechselkurs trägt das Seine bei. Derzeit liegen der 1110 Vorverstärker bei 23.900 € und die 1160 Endstufe bei 31.900 €.

Der Boulder 865 steht übrigens bei AUT vorführbereit (Listenpreis 15.900 €).

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