Boulder 1110 & 1160 – Review bei „The Absolute Sound“

Geschrieben am Veröffentlicht in High-End

In der neuesten gedruckten Ausgabe von „The Absolute Sound“ (Okt 2018) bespricht Anthony Cordesman die Vor-/Endverstärker-Kombination 1110 / 1160 von Boulder. Wie gewohnt ist der Review ausführlich und fundiert. Der Autor kommt zu dem Schluß:

„The Boulder 1110 preamplifier and 1160 power amplifier are truly superb pieces of gear. They do have their own sound character, and this is audible even using a wide variety of front ends, interconnects, cables, and speakers. If you are building or improving a great system, you still need to listen carefully to the Boulders’ nuances and give them the same attention you do in auditioning every other component. You also need to be aware that you will hear the different mix of nuances imposed by your other components once you insert them into your particular system. The Boulders’ great strength, however, is that they provide outstanding performance in every dimension, and have very little sound character of their own. Their “voicing” reveals the music rather than colors it, and this makes them remarkably good core components for building a truly excellent system.“

TAS wird die Besprechung in Kürze auch online stellen.

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